Automated Exchanges provide workflow efficiency and accuracy for complicated ticket changes. Reprice and re-ticket in seconds with the highest level of repricing automation​.

Automate the Process to Enhance Productivity and Service

Automated Exchange enables agencies to automatically search and reprice up to 80% of ticket exchanges, boosting productivity by up to 20%, and saving up to 20 minutes per transaction.

Revenue Protection
Automated Exchanges are included in Sabre Fare Guarantee Policy to safeguard your revenues.

Better customer service
Automated Exchanges updates the price of the changed itinerary in seconds, improving your efficiency and accuracy.

Top-level productivity 
The training burden is reduced thanks to the ease of use. The previously complex ticket change process becomes easy, allowing you to maximize your resources and your profits.

Consistent workflow
If the airline has not filed the ATPCO Category 31 Voluntary Changes rule, the workflow instantly transfers to the Refunds and Exchanges tool to complete the transaction.

High-level automation
– Calculate complex fare, tax, and penalty information on reissues while expediting and improving accuracy.
– Access original ticketing information, eliminating the need for cryptic entries.
– Verify electronic coupon status to ensure accurate processing. Finds the lowest price
– Access a “Best Price Exchange” to automatically rebook tickets into other classes and secure the lowest price.
– Search for the lowest price reissue options for price-conscious customers.
– View detailed marketing intelligence and productivity reporting for all tickets exchanged in an Automated Exchanges Report.
– Protect your revenue as transactions are included in the Sabre Fare Guarantee Policy.