Sabre® TicketExpress is a Pricing and Ticketing agency solution that automates Pricing, Ticketing, EMD, Reissue, Void ET, and Fare Remarks functions. 

It can constantly check your queues for processing and provide meaningful error messages when required information is missing or when validation of pre-defined guidelines, fails. Through automation, errors are minimized, and enhances agency productivity and efficiency. 

TicketExpress is available to Corporates/TMC, Leisure Agency, Online Travel Agency, and Travel Consolidators. To order this product, please contact your Account Manager who has the product’s ordering rights.

A Sabre Global Consulting Team study shows that customers using TicketExpress can save an average of 5 MINUTES of processing time per transaction 

TicketExpress – Travel Agency benefits of touchless pricing and ticketing  

Increased operational efficiency – TicketExpress helps agencies save on time and effort for greater productivity and resource utilization.     

Eliminate costly errors – Using an automated process can help eliminate errors, reducing potential airline agency debit memos (ADMs). 

Gain Complete Control – Management of pricing and fulfillment process with pre-defined agency configurations on commissions, corporate pricing, ticket and credit management, default form-of-payment, and pricing restrictions, among others.

Effort savings and increased productivity – TicketExpress’ touchless ticketing and pricing functionality can reduce processing times by at least five minutes. These reduced processing times translate to more sales opportunities and increased revenue.

Pricing and Ticketing are the 2 main functions offered by TicketExpress. When the Ticketing function is ordered, EMD, Reissue, Void ET, Fare Remarks (only for TH market) functions are also made available, together with integration with the TE Subagent RedApp.


Critical pricing parameters can be pre-defined to ensure that only targeted fares are returned and applied.


In the final stages of a sale, it becomes important that all ticketing conditions are supplied and validated, including data for efficient Credit Management. 


EMD-A and EMD-S can be issued supporting end-to-end workflow that does not end at ticketing only.

Ticket Reissue and Exchanges

Tickets that are to be exchanged or reissued can be fulfilled in this module after the PNR is queue placed by the travel consultant with the newly stored pricing (PQ) information indicating either even or uneven exchange.

Void ET

Provides void ticket service with the recommended last run of the process to be 10 minutes before midnight so penalties can be avoided.  

Fare Remarks (for TH market only)

Supports unique net-fare requirements in Thailand. TicketExpress auto-calculates the Selling Fare and displays this in the PNR Remarks for validation.

TE Subagent RedApp

The TicketExpress Subagent RedApp interfaces with TicketExpress to enable authorized sub-agents to derive critical pricing and ticketing restrictions set up by the consolidator and for sub-agent credit management, This Red App can be ordered via Sabre Red App Centre.

NDC Ticketing

Phase 1 allows single adult PNRs with Create Orders to be fulfilled in TicketExpress using Cash and Credit Card FOP; works with Credit Management and TC Info control. 

You have complete control

You have access to a range of settings that can be amended or updated in seconds. This includes options to manage Commissions, Corporate Pricing, Ticket Stock and Credit Controls, preferred forms-of-payment, restricted pricing and ticketing to specific destination airports, etc. You can assign to different queues that meet your pre-defined set-up to validate multiple pricing & ticketing scenarios. Pricing and ticketing can also be scheduled by timing and by interval for continued service.

Agency Set-up

You can configure branch locations at PCC or Travel Consultant level, easily track Pricing & Ticketing performance, and generate PDF and Excel reports for performance tracking including success and failure rates.


Set up your own Commission tables, Airline Tour Codes, and Corporate ID tables.

TicketExpress seamlessly integrates with Automation Hub, an orchestration of seamlessly automated solutions for an optimized end-to-end workflow.