Automated Refunds eliminate the manual calculation of complex refunds and applicable cancellation penalties.

Process Refunds Automatically and Instantly

Increase agent productivity by automating refunds, saving up to five minutes per transaction. Along the way, it lowers the risk of human errors and reduces debit memos. Automated Refunds are included in Sabre Fare Guarantee Policy to safeguard your revenues.

Top-level productivity
Training burden is reduced thanks to ease of use. The previously complex ticket refund process becomes easy, allowing you to maximize your resources and your profits.

Highest level of automation
Reference the airline-filed Category 33 Voluntary Refunds to calculate refund amounts and penalties in seconds. Save up to 5 minutes per ticket refund. Eliminate complex manual calculations that are subject to errors. Reduce debit memo exposure since results are included in the Sabre Fare Guarantee Policy.

Improved customer service
Return faster responses and dedicate more time to new sales by leveraging an automated process with no complex calculations.

Make your life easier
Enable everyone in your office to perform refunds, thanks to the simple process. Make refunds available for customer self-service online too through our Sabre Web Services API.