Going beyond NDC with Sabre IATA New Distribution Capability (NDC) is a strategic imperative for Sabre. We are investing to “go beyond” the NDC standards to create more personalized retailing, distribution, and fulfilment solutions that support end-to-end workflows and scale to support your business needs.

Maximize access 
By activating NDC capabilities through Sabre, you won’t miss out on the leading content your customers want. We aggregate and integrate multiple types of content, including ATPCO/EDIFACT options and NDC offers, to ensure the right choices are at your fingertips. 

Maintain efficiency 
Access innovative content without missing an operational beat. Our Offer and Order APIs integrate and normalize ATPCO/EDIFACT content with NDC offers in a single request/response message. In turn, we’ve
optimized the familiar Sabre Red 360 display so that NDC offers appear alongside other types of content, making it easy to shop, compare and book the right option. Since our NDC capabilities integrate with your mid and back-office applications, there’s no need for your frontline team members to change their

Achieve scale 
Our NDC capabilities are built to scale and work as expected from day one. Sabre sits at the crossroads of travel, which gives us an end-to-end understanding of needs across the travel value chain. We apply those insights to deliver products that work end-to-end at the speed of your business. 

Sleep easier 
Sabre provides a one-stop shop to access an ever-growing selection of NDC offers worldwide. There’s no need for you to manage large technical integration teams, or keep track of dozens of airline agreements. Our highly secure technical infrastructure, powered by Google Cloud, provides the performance you
need to stand out from the crowd. Need help? Sabre support is only a few clicks away and is ready to answer your questions 24/7.

Offer and Order APIs
Sabre takes an API-led approach to technical development. The APIs serve as our technical backbone, enabling various Sabre applications, such as Sabre Red 360 and GetThere. To access NDC offers, API
customers must use the REST/JSON Offer and Order APIs. To learn more about the APIs, please visit the Sabre Dev Studio API portal.

Sabre Red 360
Sabre Red 360 helps agencies maximize access to the leading content travellers want. Using Sabre Red 360, travel consultants can easily shop, compare and book traditional, low-cost carrier and NDC content. Sabre does the heavy lifting of integrating and normalizing content, which helps preserve agency productivity. Customers can access NDC content by using either the desktop or web versions of Sabre Red 360.

Interim Sabre NDC Search, Book and Service application
Users of the desktop version of Sabre Red 360 can process exchanges for NDC orders by using the interim App. Travel consultants can launch the interim App from the desktop display of Sabre Red 360. We will sunset the App once exchanges are enabled in the Offer and Order APIs.

Please review the Sabre-supported capabilities listed here before placing an order.