Explore. Build. Deploy Access robust Sabre content.

Whether you are an app developer, web developer, supplier, or authorized third-party developer, APIs are the best method to access Sabre content and tools. 

Technology Interface

With our portfolio of SOAP and REST APIs, tap into Sabre APIs to incorporate services across the entire travel journey — from dreaming to planning to purchasing and servicing trips.

Comprehensive package.

Sabre APIs provides Sabre content from a single point of access, conforms to the industry’s technology standards. A portfolio of APIs available in REST and SOAP technologies, SOAP APIs are constructed around the standards defined by OpenTravel Alliance. SOAP APIs allow you to customize your applications with an end-to-end workflow tailored to your exact needs. REST-enabled APIs allow for faster parsing and require less markup. Choose the most convenient technology to consume our APIs.

Build, test, and deploy

Our portfolio of modern APIs, incorporate services across the entire travel journey — from dreaming to planning to purchasing and servicing trips.

Integration with technology

  • Incorporate rich shopping content from the Sabre® travel marketplace
  • Access market insights, such as busiest travel times and flight price ranges others recently booked
  • Create an enriched shopping experience through the map-based, large calendar and budget shopping applications
  • Receive sub-second inspirational shopping results
  • Build a fully customized application, whether you are a full-service travel company or only focused on searching for travel

Reduce complexity and enjoy the flexibility

Reduce time to market for applications, and Reduces complexity. The use of a defined language protocol accepted by the industry allows the Sabre system to be hidden behind structured data (XML, JSON), while Service Oriented Architecture promotes the reusing of code and components. With high adaptability and reduced time to market applications, APIs allow customers to select services with low levels of business logic to meet their unique needs.

Improved Performance

Remove the extra layer of conversation between the application and a connection manager, implement Sessionless Authentication APIs

Air Shopping

  • New Distribution Capability (NDC) APIs – Built on IATA’s XML-based NDC data standards, Sabre’s NDC APIs enable opportunities for smarter retailing. Use the APIs to efficiently shop, book and fulfill a variety of offer types. NDC offers may include rich content and personalized components alongside traditional and low-cost carrier (LCC) offers. For technical information about NDC APIs, check Sabre Dev Studio.
  • Bargain Finder Max – Sabre’s Bargain Finder Max API is a superior air shopping solution designed to
    derive the best itinerary offers with the best schedule quality, diversity, and book ability. Start your search today! For technical information about Bargain Finder Max APIs, check Sabre Dev Studio.
    Get access to over a million property options offered by both GDS and aggregator sources (Booking.com, Hotelbeds, and Expedia Partner Solutions), as well as the efficiency with data normalization and capabilities such as preferencing. For technical information about Content Services for Lodging APIs, check Sabre Dev Studio.
  • Get access to over 35+ car rental brands and 40,000 pickup locations in over 200 countries with advanced geo search capabilities for more efficient shopping, as well as deliver on personalization with access to Car Extras. For technical information about Car APIs, check Sabre Dev Studio.
  • Get access to over 50 rail networks in Europe, North America, and other parts of the world, easily allowing you to customize and upsell with ancillaries, book multimodal itineraries, and distribute paperless
  • tickets. For more information, please contact your Account Director.
  • Sabre Cruise APIs provide enhanced offerings that contain additional capabilities to fulfill traveler needs with minimum development cost. Complete an end-to-end workflow, including price checks, cabin and dining options, booking, and more with our comprehensive set of Cruise APIs. For more information, please contact your Account Director.
  • Booking Management API – The Booking Management API lets you manage your Sabre reservations/bookings in a more efficient way by providing a normalized set of end-to-end services.
  • Air Shopping Inspirational and Intelligence APIs – Inspire travelers with booking ideas for the perfect destination.
  • Orchestrated APIs – End-to-end business process in a single stateless transaction. Do more with less, remove the need to be a Sabre expert to consume the APIs, and reduce the development effort by simplifying systems integration. For technical information about Orchestrated APIs, check Sabre Dev Studio.