Sabre Red 360 Web features the powerful capabilities of Sabre Red 360, but with browser-based connectivity, enabling Travel Consultants to search, book, amend and fulfill travel from their Agency environment, without being in the office.

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– Enables Travel Consultants to make and service reservations from anywhere at any time.

– Offers complete command and graphical workflows available in Sabre Red 360 on desktop.

– Is lighter and has reduced hardware requirements compared to complete desktop installation.

Sabre Red 360 Web offers full support for command and graphical workflows, and basic automation with PF Keys. Other automation tools like Scribe, desktop Red Apps, and Native API are not compatible with
Sabre Red 360 Web. Sabre Red 360 Web access requires PCC to be upgraded to Sabre Red 360.

The Sabre Red 360 SDK has been extended to facilitate the creation of Red Apps that can be used with Sabre Red 360 Web and Sabre Red 360 desktop environments. This technology should be used to customize Sabre Red 360 Web and Sabre Red 360 going forward.